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EHEC genome with a DOI name

The May 2011 outbreak of an E. coli infection in Europe has resulted in serious concerns about the potential appearance of a new deadly strain of bacteria. The Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) in collaboration with the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf … Continue reading

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DataCite website refurbished

Dear all, we have refurbished the DataCite Website. The new version is easier to navigate and allows user to find the information they look for more directly. Please take your time and if you like, give us some feedback on … Continue reading

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DataCite email accounts

Dear all, we experienced technical issues with DataCite email accounts between February and March 2011, which may have resulted in undelivered messages. All technical issues have been resolved, but please let us know if you have contacted us in the … Continue reading

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Update of DataCite Metadata Scheme online

The DataCite Metadata Scheme has been updated, and the schema and accompanying documentation are now available in Version 2.1. The Schema is accessible at this location: The documentation is here: Several early adopters and other careful readers generously … Continue reading

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So many Initiatives and Identifer systems out there. Do they talk to each other?

Dear all, I am sorry for not posting in the last weeks. I was travelling a lot. For example I attended the winter meeting of ICSTI, the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information . This body is a great … Continue reading

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PI workshop in Bonn

On February 1. and 2. there was a workshop on “Persistent Identifiers for the Social Sciences” in Bonn in Germany. The workshop was jointly organized by the DataCite member Gesis – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences with the IDSC … Continue reading

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Update on DataCite metadata schema location

Dear all, as DataCite is a DOI registration agency you can access the new Metadata Scheme ( see Joan’s post below ) as well through: doi:10.5438/0001 Furthermore we have also registered a DOI name for the corresponding XSD. The DOI-name … Continue reading

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DataCite metadata schema is online

Dear all, the DataCite Metadata Scheme has been finalized and is now available here: After many months and a lot of very early morning conference calls with my European colleagues, I am delighted to make this announcement. The core … Continue reading

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D-Lib issue on research data

Last June, the first DataCite meeting in Hannover was a great success. We had around 100 atendees from all over the world and many interesting talks on different research data topics. You can find the slides and videos from the … Continue reading

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Tracking data citation

Yesterday I was pointed to an interesting blog post about the problems of tracking data citation in the blog reserachremix by Heather Piwowar. Heather was trying to track the reuse of datasets that have a DOI through different channels (Google … Continue reading

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