Happy new year and welcome

Hi everybody

welcome to the new DataCite Blog.
In the last 13 month since the founding of DataCite a lot has happened globally concerning access to data. Many events have taken place, many initiatives have started.
The idea of this blog is to give everyone that is interested an overview on the progress of DataCite and to collect relevant news events and links concerning the subject data.

I just returned today from a two day conference in berlin, the Acedemic Publishing in Europe (APE 2011):
I had a talk in the session “The Data Deluge, to Drown or Swim?” and had the change to talk about DataCite, access to data through library catalogues and what DataCite is about. The event was a good opportunity to freshen up the contact with the publishing industry and do some good networking.

You can find my slides on slideshare:

2011 will hopefully be an interesteing year for DataCite and our mission to help scientist in making their data citable, traceable and findable.
I will keep you updated 🙂


Jan Brase


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One Response to Happy new year and welcome

  1. Thanks, Jan! Indeed, this is the interesting part. In case you haven’t seen it, I think this post on (failures in) tracking dataset citations using existing citation tools shows a great need for your work:

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