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Hello all,

2011 has been an exiting year. A lot has happened with DataCite and data citation in general. One year ago, I started this blog to keep you all updated. Today I am happy to present you the newest development:

The beta version of our DataCite search catalogue. You can find it at:

What is so special about it?

  • We will store the metadata to every object that DataCite registers with a DOI there. Whether it is a dataset, a picture, an event or whatever.
  • All metadata will follow the DataCite metadata scheme
  • All metadata will be free under the CC0 license, giving you the right to use it for whatever you wish. And you can simply access it via our OAI interface

Currently we have around 800,000 records in there. Not all of them have metadata records yet, but it is progressing.

Interested in some use case examples?

There are even some more nice features that I will tell you about in my next post. So much for now and enjoy playing with the catalogue.




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