DataCite search – part 2

Dear all,

last week I introduced our basic search portal , today I want to highlight another feature, the DataCite content service.

The idea behind it is the following: Usually a DOI name is resolved to a landing page giving you all information about the content and the download link to it. Sometimes nevertheless it might be more interesting to resolve a DOI name of an object and get the metadata of the object back in return. Ideally in a machine-readable format.

This is what the content service allows! The service behind it was first implemented by CrossRef and it works directly on the level of the basic DOI resolution at

Using the accept header of the HTTP protocol it allows you to resolve a DataCite DOI and retirieve the metadata of this object in RDF format for example. On our webpage you will find more technical details of the system.

If you have curl installed on your computer you could test it in the following way:

curl -L -H “Accept: application/x-datacite+text” “

would give you the citation of this dataset in text format:

Li, j; Zhang, G; Lambert, D; Wang, J (2011): Genomic data from Emperor penguin. GigaScience.


curl -L -H “Accept: application/rdf+xml”

you would retrieve this metadata as an RDF-file.

The content service works for all objects that have metadata in our metadata catalogue and we encourage you to play around with it and come up with some new ideas how to use it.

We are currently discussing the idea to allow something like the format application/raw to resolve a DOI name directly to the underlying data or in case of grey literature directly to the text.
Resolving DOI names directly to the data would provide an interesting way to allow persistent citation of queries results, by including the DOI name in the query itself.

You might have some other ideas. Share them with us, please.




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3 Responses to DataCite search – part 2

  1. Scott Chamberlain says:

    Hi Jan,

    Does this add extra functionality to the OAI-PMH for DataCite ( Or is this just for the search web interface?

    Thanks, Scott Chamberlain

  2. datacite says:

    Hi Scott,

    these are different topics. The OAI and search interface are not affetcted, they work as always by allowing you to harvest or search the metadata. This content service adds functionality to the general resolution of our DOI names. You can now retreive the metadata of our DOI names by neither using the search web interface nor the OAI, but by simply resoving the DOI name while using the HTTP accept header.

    It is a little geeky, I agree 🙂


  3. Scott Chamberlain says:

    Thanks for that, sorry I didn’t reply until now!


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