DataCite is an international consortium to 

  • establish easier access to scientific research data on the Internet
  • increase acceptance of research data as legitimate, citable contributions to the scientific record, and to
  • support data archiving that will permit results to be verified and re-purposed for future study.

DataCite promotes data sharing, increased access, and better protection of research investment. Just as science is global, with individual researchers working and publishing, DataCite with 15 members from 10 countries is global, with individual regional member institutions offering services and advice directly where they are needed by the scientists.

  • a global cooperation, because scientist work globally, scientific data are created and accessed globally.
  • with national representatives, because most scientists are embedded in their national funding structures and research organisations.

You will find more information on DataCite with the full ist of members and many examples of data citation on the DataCite webpage


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